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Holiday Mini Sessions. Why you should book with us.

This year, we wanted to create something timeless, and real. We appreciate the trend of styled sessions, but we wanted ours to keep a neutral vibe, honoring the connection of family and showcasing true expressions, with little distraction. We want our clients to not just enjoy these images through the holiday season, but we wanted them to have the option to display and enjoy their investment year-round. We offer these sessions once a year, at a fair price. If you aren't able to indulge in our full family session but have been dreaming of having Vogtography capture your family, now is the time.


So here it is, our minimalist, neutral, beautiful, Holiday Mini Sessions in South Florida, specifically Broward County.

We wanted to offer two different locations to our clients.

Is your home decorated in earthy

tones, creams, greens, reds, etc...

Our Forest session at Easterlin Park in Fort Lauderdale is perfect for you.

Does your home have a beach vibe, with muted tones and warm sunset colors?

Pompano Beach offers just that.


Why choose Vogtography?

Khye and I have been photographers for nearly a decade. Khye has mastered light while working at a studio for 8 years, while Alyse (author here), has been honing natural light skills. When we combine our strengths, we can offer remarkable images.

Khye and I aspire to create moments that are true. We want you to be having fun, and feeling the connection between your loved ones, only then are we able to capture authentic expressions. We honor what makes your family unique and have the ability to tap into that to comfortably pose everyone and provide you images that speak to your family's personality. This is what makes us different, and this is why you should choose us for your 2022 holiday portrait.

After your 20-minute session, you can count on receiving a FULL collection of images within 72 hours. We will never dangle a carrot of images for your to purchase later. This is your story, and you deserve each and every page. You can expect 20-50 timeless images in our 20-minute session. Usually, clients receive 3 or 4 family poses and individual images of children and parents. Then we create meaningful groupings, a parent with each child, all the children together, just the parents, etc.. this is where our creativity and unique posing comes into play. Let's have fun. Let's race, let's kiss, let's play Simon says. This is how we shape your sessions to ensure you have a meaningful collection of unique images.

So there it is. That's why you choose us. Because we are so passionate to bring you images that transport you back to this time, to this year, 2022. This is why we chose photography and this is why we can't wait to meet you, this season.

If you are interested in a longer session we are offering two additional sessions,

Half sessions and our always available Full Session:

30-minute sessions, same details as above, but an extra 10 minutes of fun. This equates to an additional 10 images! This session is $275, if you find someone to fill the other "half", we will discount your session by $75!!!

As always, we offer a Full Family Session. This is a full hour or more (we usually shoot until the sun is gone), which allows us to create something iconic. We get different light throughout, starting with clean sunset and posed images, then prompts and game, we can move around our location and play with many different backgrounds. We then get the most amazing South Florida Sunset, we are able to capture silhouettes and raw family moments, mostly candid with some hints of posing. These sessions are near and dear to our hearts, and usually, we end up getting invited to Christmas Dinner because we are nearly family. This session is $425!

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