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Family Session turns into Surprise Proposal

When Danielle contacted me for a family session, she had no idea she was actually planning her OWN PROPOSAL. After the initial booking was complete I got a message from her sister explaining that towards the end of the session Danielle's boyfriend was going to propose.


The photoshoot started just like all of our family sessions do. We began photographing Mom, Dad and the two sisters. They got close, we had them look at each other, tell their mom they loved her, all of our regular mushy stuff.

We then added in the boyfriends, and went through the posing roll call.

This group was fun, so we had them all stand and spin their partners.


Robbie and I had talked prior about how the proposal-portion of the session would go. We came up with a plan. When I had Danielle ready for a pose I call, the runaway. One person stands with their backs against the other and waits for their partner to run up, pick them up around their waste,

and twirl them as they "run-away".

Instead, Robbie was would be in position on one knee.

When I gave the cue, Danielle faced me, ready to be swept away. Robbie got down and pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring. I said, "the lights not really working, let's turn around", she turned and the moment was made.

We took some time photographing the newly engaged couple in front of a beautiful sunset on Hollywood Beach, Fl.

They made it rain

As we had dodged the rain of South Florida in June, we felt it only right to make a little of our own. Robbie made it rain Champagne, surrounded by family.


And they lived happily ever after....just kidding, now they have a wedding to plan!


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